Successfully committed to the healthy BALANCED Irish Water Spaniel

Welcome to the Home Page for Whistle Stop. Although we have been breeding IWS longer than any other breeder in the USA, we have been slow to develop a webpage. I guess we spend too much time working and playing with dogs to sit down long enough to get the job done. Hopefully you will take the time to enjoy reading more about our dogs and beliefs now that we have finally gotten caught up with modern technology and have launched this site.
Although being involved in IWS since 1970, “Whistle Stop” was not used as our kennel name until the merging of Colleen’s “Shamrock” Kennels and Jack’s “Jayinar” Kennels in 1980. This merge was driven by the commitment to field training from both kennels. The name “Whistle Stop” was chosen as a constant reminder that we honor our wonderful dog’s heritage of a working retriever. And part of good training with retrievers is the ability to stop your dog on a tweet of a whistle.
At one point in the early history of Whistle Stop we were accused of being on track to develop a split in our breed by breeding those “field” dogs. This happens in many of the sporting breeds so it was understandable why there would be that concern. But as we replied then, when we get what we want we will have a good looking Irish Water Spaniel that can still hunt. And to this day all that we do strives to keep that sentiment as our driving thoughts in all that we do with our dogs.
Our newest All-Around IWS CH Whistle Stop’s Repeat the Magic CD RN JH. “Harry” completed all titles by 19 months of age.
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